Cable wear every sealing device module MCT 20

Cable wear every sealing device module MCT 20

Model No.︰20

Brand Name︰SINYAR

Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 6 / pc

Minimum Order︰6 pc

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Product Description

SINYAR--cable wear every seal device

Type: no. 20

Section size: 20

Thickness size:

Seal aperture count: single-arch sealed type

Adaptation: 4-14.5 in diameter

(can fit the cable minimum and maximum diameter scope)

Module material: module USES alloy rubber and neoprene production, is the best cable protection with rubber, has the good ozone-resisting sex, ageing resistance type, etc.


Method of use: through the adjustment of the module diameter changes cortex to pressure of different diameter of pipe or cable, stripping cortex of maximum diameter after module should be less than to press the cable diameter of 0.5 1.5 MM


Application: used for cable or pipe through the wall body, bulkheads or glass of line when a hole seal.


Products overview:

---- cable wear every sealing device----

In 2002 the company for the expansion of business needs, began to research, design, open a mold, variable diameter rubber module production. Modules are adopting a call lycron composite polymer, has fire, explosion, prevent ageing, prevent radiation and the pest etc. DuoZhong type of module can be flexible matching framework to adapt to the requirements of the cable and pipe (including installed, to the installation and after installation cables and pipelines) modules: no halogen corrosion gas generation, pest-resistant, small tolerance, not shift, producing waste quantity is little, under the condition of the fire of our rubber filling module will begin to inflation, so it can be heated to be burning the melting of cable insulation skin after a compensation role, and will fire in the enterprise the isolation.

This product is widely applied in the earliest from all parts of the communications industry, solves the communication industry feeder seal and grounding problem. At the same time the products in every other sealing, easy installation, removable type seal, etc DuoZhong advantages to get the various sectors of recognition, shipbuilding, petrochemical, wind power, electric power, military industry, urban construction, etc.

Slowly began to replace the past fire daub, expansion plugging material and other sealing materials.

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